How to Help

Once the NID plan enters the formal NYC approval process it will be very hard to stop, so our important work starts right now.

The next step for the NID is sign-off by the NYC Small Business Services Agency. The SBS has four standards that have to be met:

  1. The local councilmembers support it (Chin, Quinn and Brewer);
  2. The level of opposition is below the law's limits, 51% by either count of property owners or by assessment value;
  3. The backers have reached a standard of comprehensive outreach;
  4. Sufficiency of support from people in the zone unconnected with the project in any way.

Help Us Stop the NID by doing the following:

 - If you live in the NID zone, contact your City Councilmember and tell them you oppose the NID and why. Include your full address and if you are a property owner (co-op, condo, commercial) or tenant (residential or commercial) in the Zone.

     South side of Canal St. or below in Tribeca: Margaret Chin     
     North side of Canal St. to the south side of 55th St: Christine Quinn
     North side of 55th St. to 59th St.: Gail Brewer

- Everyone contact Speaker Quinn at the link above, especially if you live outside the zone. Tell her that you oppose the HRP NID because Parks are a public amenity that should be paid for by everyone's taxes and the creation of the NID is an abuse of the BID law.

- Sign our petition. 

- If you own a business in the District, tell Robert Walsh, the Commissioner of the Department of Small Business Services that the HRP NID is bad for business.

- Email your friends and neighbors in the zone with the link to this site so they know about the NID.

- If you live in the NID Zone, use our printed petition and flyer (available on the FAQ and Resources tab) to collect signatures from your neighbors. When you're done, email to find out how to get it back to us. Our contact at SBS has told us that the approval committee carefully considers submissions from opponents of proposed BIDs and that petitions will be accepted as proof of opposition. We need signatures from all parts of the zone to convince them that opposition is widespread.

- If you live in a co-op or condo, get your Board to pass a resolution opposing the NID. Email us at for a sample resolution and supporting materials.

- Keep informed by joining our mailing list. Email your contact information (please include your address so we know if you are in the District) to if you didn't sign up when you signed the petition.